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We at UNITEDCONTAINER CORPORATION implement, maintain and continually improve our documented ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and FSSC 22000.

To achieve these, we shall:

  1. Provide our customer quality and value in our products and services.
  2. Comply with applicable regulatory, statutory, customer quality and food safety requiremnets.
  3. Factually assess our process toward the attainment of our goals.
  4. Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our business partners.

All these we commit as part of our strategy to be the supplier of choice in the packaging industry and related services.


UCC Safety Policy shall be implemented for:

  1. The protection of company staff and employee of all levels to allow for their continuous well-being and maintain their capacity to full fill their duties.
  2. The protection and continuous operation and security of all equipment’s and facilities of the company though the prevention of the fire and other industrial related accidents.
  3. To maintain compliance to applicable regulatory requirements


UNITED CONTAINER CORPORATION shall implement all necessary measure to ensure that the total environment of its facilities shall be conducive to the health of the company employees, Their families and the community

This shall encompass:

  1. Management of solid waste though the control of the volume of generated solid waste, segregation of all recyclable solid waste and the controlled disposal of organically degradable waste.
  2. Management of waste water though implementation of waste water treatment, prevention of oil and lubricant contamination to water system,
  3. Comply with regulatory requirements for the DENR and the LLDA.

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