KAYBIGA PLANT: 1979 Started operation with Corrugated Fiber Boxes.  / 1982 Started operation with Plastic Containers. 1982 Started operation with Tin Cans.

LLANO PLANT: 1990 Moved TINCAN operations to Llano Plant continuous expansion and improvements to tincan operation.

QUALITY AND FOOD SAFETY POLICY                                                                                                                                                          Implement, maintain and continually improve our documented ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 2200 Food Safety Management System by: Providing our customer quality and value in our products and services.  / Complying with applicable regulatory, statutory, customer quality and food safety requirements. / Factually assessing our process toward the main attainment  of our goals – to be the supplier of choice in the packaging  industry and related services. / Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our  business partners.

Protection of employees at all levels to allow for their continuous well-being and to maintain ..their capacity to fulfill  their         duties. / Protection and continuous operation and security of all company facilities and equipment through the prevention    of fire and other industrial related accidents./ Maintain compliance to applicabe regulatory requirements.

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY:                                                                                                                                                                             
Ensure the total environment of our facilities shall be conducive to the health of employees, their families and the community through: Management of solid waste: control volume of generated solid waste, segregate all recyclable solid waste, control disposal or organically degradable waste. / Management ot waste water: implement waste water treatment, prevent oil and lubricant contamination to water systems. / Comply with regulatory requirements of the DENR and LLDA